Founder Message

Through this page, we give you a glimpse of a student's years at Skyline. A glimpse of expectations of students from us and our expectations rom students. Success undoubtedly will be spelt out when both expectations match each other.

Our success story was written by our students, who are now all over the globe Students who are in organizations who know us through them and vice versa. And this is our ultimate vision. To see our students well equipped for the new World.

The world is changing at the speed of thought. Ideas are implemented before they can be mapped and education today must necessarily be a part of all activity. The new World has emerged over a new horizon which is within reach and which is visible only to the trained eye.

Teachers are the backbones for any academic institution. The growth of any institution will be at stake if due recognitions are not given for them. These capabilities include not only first rate infrastructure and facilities but also a teaching faculty which is as good as, if not better than, any of the best colleges in India. We pride ourselves in our unique teaching methods and learning environment which give to our student’s practical, hands-on knowledge, skills and attitudes as well as work ethics which make them highly sought in education today.

We invite those who wish to share our vision.